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Merry Christmas from 2plus1at21

Merry Christmas from the little Coleman family!

Breakfast at 19months

Marvel and Eloise are 19.5 months old and this is how they typically eat (or NOT eat) their breakfast.

You probably have Cancer…JK!!!!

GREAT NEWS: The lump in my neck is NOT cancer. My head and neck are fine, and it’s just a weird lymph node. I don’t even need a biopsy unless it were to ever get bigger, then it should be checked out again.

While I am ecstatic at this news, I am a little irked that I spent an entire week looking at my children like I would never get to see them grow up. Well, I’d rather have that week of grief then actually have cancer so I can’t really complain, but I am a little disgruntled with the service I got at Memorial ER last saturday where I had my neck lump palpated, was told “this is cancer until proven otherwise”, told no need for a CT or blood work, and to follow up with an ENT. Now, that’s better than a total dismissal of symptoms, as a coworker remarked that happened to her friend–ignored by docs for a year and it was Lymphoma😦. But it still was a horrifying week for my family and I.

I spent this past week on a (near impossible) quest to see an ENT that would accept my insurance and not maim me or be over an hour away. Big shout out to all of my coworkers and friends who helped (my boss was on the phone with all kinds of people trying to get it worked out!!) me try to get things set up.

My amazing boss then encouraged me to go to Erlanger ER this morning, as there was really nothing to lose.

I went in, told them everything and the trouble I was having finding an ENT, and they decided to do blood work and a CT.The bloodwork was good and the CT came back right as rain, with a hint of sinusitis.

Everyone there, doctors and nurses, was amazing! They were kind and understanding…and even though it turned out that there was absolutely nothing wrong with meand the Radiology guy teased the Resident for sending me to a CT, I made sure to tell them how their care for me today made a WORLD of difference to me!

Thank you Erlanger ER!


This Could Suck

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About two months ago I got a nasty sinus infection. My lymph nodes were swollen, I got antibiotics, and my sinus infection went away. But for the past two months, I have had a hard lump in the left side of my neck.

I have never been much of a hypochondriac, but we happened to be studying the Lymphatic system in my Anatomy and Physiology 2 class. When we read about Lymphoma, it made me a little concerned about this lump.

So I consorted Dr. Google…I consorted Dr. Google for about 2 weeks, telling myself that I was a hypochondriac. I pressed and pushed the lump, hoping it would move or feel somewhat squishy or painful…but it remained hard, immobile, and unfeeling. Dr. Google told me that is not a good sign.

Finally this Saturday I went to urgent care. The Nurse Practitioner felt the lump and left the room, and then I eavesdropped and heard her trying to decide what to do, she came back and said that I have a mass in my neck and need a CT and blood work, and would have to wait until Monday or go to the ER.

I went to the ER, and I’m glad I did. I told the ER doc everything and he said that a CT and blood work would be worthless, because with hard, immobile, non-painful lumps in your neck that don’t go away after antibiotics, we have to look at Cancer, and the only way to tell is to have a biopsy done.

Then, he felt the lump and told me: it’s cancer until proven otherwise. I had to sign something saying I understood what this meant, that I could likely have cancer and it would be my fault if I didn’t follow up on it. Got it.

So…this could really suck.

I am staying positive, as it also might not be cancer. I really won’t know until I get a biopsy done at the ENT, which was supposed to happen today, but oh, the complexities of insurance!

My insurance suggested three ENTs to me:

1. Only sees kids. Fail.

2. 6 patients suing because he messed up their children’s faces, website focused on cosmetic procedure, mean phone lady, alive at the time of the dinosaurs. Fail.

3. Doesn’t exist. Fail.

Thankfully, an excellent ENT that does not take my insurance has decided to take me on as a patient anyways, provided I get an out of network referral which is in process right now. So that’s my best bet and what I’m currently hoping for.

Provided all that insurance jazz gets fixed, I will see the ENT next friday.

Shameless Begging Below

It would mean a lot to me to have your thoughts, prayers, to god or the flying spaghetti monster, your good feelies to the universe, etc.

Hopefully this is a lot of fuss for nothing. But if it’s not, this could suck.


Two People

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There are

Two people in this world

For whom I would do

More than anything.

They command

Of my life

Every moment

And I love it.

I love them

When you are

Suddenly hit with

This kind of love

It consumes you.

Your thoughts are always

Of these little people.

I love them

Are they safe?

Are they happy?

Are they sad?

Where are they?

I miss them.

I love them.

They are my children.


7/30/12 waiting on a flight from LGA to CHA.

The Epic Battle of the Fruit Flies

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We have a serious situation here.

For the past few days we have been plagued by fruit flies. Like most kitchens, we get a few of them a couple times a year when an overly-ripe banana has been left on the counter for too long. I thought this was the case, but was a little confused because there were no bananas.

While making my Eggcellent Greek Toast for my mom the other night, I moved a giant bag of onions…and there I found them, an entire battalion of fruit flies. Apparently one or two of the onions on the bottom of the bag had gone bad and from them an army of the nasty little things had spawned.

On the first night of the battle, I started off strong, downing at least twenty of their soldiers with my bare hands. Unfortunately, their minions were too strong and I was forced to retreat for the night.

Upon waking, I discovered that the enemy troops had set up a camp on my bathroom mirror (seriously, no clue why). I took a dozen or so down and thought all was well.

At the suggestion of a friend, I baited a trap to lure the tiny soldiers to a vinegar-soaked death. I took down another ten.

A few hours later their troops had multiplied beyond belief, even upon removal of all possible food items from the counter.

They were swarming on me, I was trapped in the corner of the kitchen with naught but a spatula and…a stroke of pure, fruit fly killing genius!



It was as if I were struck by lightening. I grabbed the Canola Spray, shook it with all my might, and let my terror rain down on the enemy.

After the great battle of the kitchen, I headed into the bathroom where the offset of troops had regrouped their camp. I gave a mighty spray and took the majority out with one swoosh!

There are still a few, brave soldiers out there, I admire that the fruit fly army fights to the death.

For now I celebrate a small victory against the majority of their troops, but I know they’ll be back…and I will be waiting with my secret weapon.

But seriously, if you have a major fruit fly problem and the vinegar/fruit traps aren’t working (left out the part where I tried the fruit trap too) grab yourself a can of Vegetable or Canola oil spray and get to it. It kills some on contact and for others it coats their wings, they fall to the ground, and you can squash them.

Adventures in Eggs- An Eggcellent Recipe!

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Tonight I made a discovery of eggpic proportions. I promise, I’m done with the egg yokes. Ok, now I am.

The past two nights I have been tasked with cooking my own dinner; a rare thing in my house where my father and brother cook amazing meals 6 out of 7 nights a week but alas, they aren’t here.

Last night’s meal was so awesome, I never thought anything could top it. I had two latkes topped with sour cream, a fried egg with hot sauce, and a side of cottage cheese (for the egg) and applesauce (for the latke). A lot of overwhelming flavors, but in a really good way! Tonight’s discovery topped it ten fold!


I found the recipe twice on 100 Ways to Cook an Egg. When I read it the second time, I just had to try it. For my own variation, I’ll give it my own name as well!


2 eggs

6 cups water

2 tbs vinegar

Dash of salt

1/2 cup plain greek yogurt

2 dashes paprika

2 dashes garlic salt

1 sprinkling crushed mint

1 piece of toast

In a large pot, bring the water, vinegar, and salt to a boil. Immediately turn to medium-heat and when the water is no longer at a boil, crack 1 egg into a bowl or mug and gently but quickly slip the egg into the pot. If you are like me, the egg will not stay in one piece, so quickly scoop the destroyed egg white over the rest of the egg. Leave it be for 3-5 minutes depending on the amount of runniness.

Place your toast on a plate, remove the poached egg with a slotted spoon and place on the toast. Repeat all steps with the second egg.

Now back up a little bit. While you are waiting for your water to boil, mix the yogurt and seasonings together in a bowl. Once your eggs are on the toast, pour the yogurt on top….and viola!

Trust me….it is to die for!!!!!